geo - Of or relating to ‘earth’ or ‘land’.


Welcome to GEO Real Estate, we regard land/property as one of the most secure and established investments of all time. Now more than ever and particularly with an ever-expanding population, it is important to consider how real estate can affect your long-term security, growth and wellbeing.


The real estate market may regularly fluctuate; however, it very seldom decreases in overall value. A ‘quick sale’ only equates to a good sale if it fulfils your personal expectations, therefore, it is imperative to be supported by an open and honest real estate professional that values and prioritises your best interests, particularly your financial and emotional wellbeing.


At GEO Real Estate, we ensure that you are provided with the highest standard of service, personalising your real estate journey to reflect your individual goals and expectations. We pride ourselves on aligning our behaviour with our core values and offer a modern perspective to cater for the diverse needs of our clientele.

Our Core Values


We operate with consistency, honesty, professionalism and confidentiality


We act in the best interest of our clients, are responsible for our actions and have the courage to address issues that may impact our clientele, staff or the real estate industry


We build and sustain professional relationships, value diversity and respect others irrespective of their personal circumstances, preferences or beliefs


We maintain a high level of knowledge relevant to the local area and real estate industry, are solution-based and seek further expertise from the appropriate authorities as required


We ensure that services are of the highest possible standard and remain compliant with relevant industry bodies


Geoff Schnitzerling
Principal / Real Estate Agent

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Erin Schnitzerling
Office Manager

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