Understanding the process to successfully buy a new property is essential to ensure a smooth and hassle free purchase.

Our 10 point guide below explains everything you need to know before purchasing a property.


Determine the amount you can borrow


Speak to your preferred lender or a broker and determine your finance with a view to knowing your spend price.


Examine the current property market


Knowledge is power! Talk to your GEO agent and discover everything they have to offer as well as any upcoming properties suited to your individual needs.


Complete thorough property inspection with your GEO agent


Your property inspection is an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the house/land and its surroundings, paying attention to specifics of quality, general condition, even neighbouring properties.


Have your lawyer or conveyancer review the contract


We advise this with your best interests in mind.


Arrange Building & Pest Inspections


This is to assist in protecting you against issues you may not be aware of and provide you with confidence going forward.


Speak to GEO agent and negotiate conditions for purchase


When you have reflected on everything you wish to consider, contact your GEO agent with your offer and any relevant conditions (we invite you to discuss these conditions with your GEO agent if desired).


Sign contracts and pay deposit within specified timeframe


Contracts can be signed in-person or electronically, be aware of the time frame for paying your deposit as it is a breach of contract if you pay after the due date. Another caution is to be aware of any transfer limits on your account as this will result in issues transferring your deposit.


Complete Pre-settlement inspection


You are entitled to a pre-settlement inspection and would generally attempt to make this as close to settlement as practicable to ensure the property is as you initially inspected it.


Settlement of property


This is the actual time of settlement and means that you are the rightful owner of the property.


Collection of keys


Keys are not able to be released to the purchaser until the relevant legal entities of each party have contacted your GEO agent with confirmation of the settlement.


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