Before putting your property on the market, it's best to understand the sales process so that you can be prepared and ensure a smooth sale.

Our 10 step guide to selling a property will help you understand the process.


Book an appraisal with GEO Real Estate


An appraisal will provide you with our agent's assessment of your property by considering the buildings, land, location, rental viability, and our research on the comparable market.


Communicate with your GEO agent to discuss options


It is important to remember that client situations differ significantly, so communicate your specific needs to your GEO agent. With our assistance, you will be able to manage the most suitable outcome of your sale.


Prepare yourself and property for sale


When possible, take the opportunity to suitably present your property as a desirable asset. A well-presented property is likely to attract more interest than those that are not. It is also important to consider any personal arrangements you need to make prior to the finalisation of the sale.


Have your lawyer or conveyancer draft/review contract


Identify your preferred legal representative as early as possible and have any relevant discussions with them. This will allow the contract to be reviewed in a timely fashion and is also an ideal time to discuss the costs involved. GEO Real Estate uses a standard Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) contract.


Discuss your marketing options with your GEO agent


Generally, marketing strategies and fees will be included as part of our sales commission. We invite and encourage you to discuss your marketing options and preferences with your GEO agent.


Review offers received


We will assist you with reviewing offers received and provide the best advice and recommendations when it comes time to reject, accept or negotiate on offers. Our negotiation skills will ensure that you get the best available offer for your property.


Sign contract


Ensure that you are satisfied and comfortable with the conditions of the contract prior to signing and do not hesitate to question anything you are unsure about.


Provide keys to agent prior to settlement


Please be assured that keys will not be released to the purchaser until the relevant legal entities of each party have contacted your GEO agent with confirmation of the settlement.




The successful settlement of a property means that the purchaser becomes the rightful owner of the property.


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